So we didn’t cover the qualifiers and the first day of the tournament… because – to be honest – we didn’t really care about it. Decision to play in that tournament was kinda random.

But on the second match day we more or less wrecked the sh*t out of our opponents and we decided to cover some information on here as well.

Scores, click to enlarge

Match day oneĀ 

Our team didn’t perform that good on match day one and while some crazy stuff happened for the other teams, we closed out as 17th.

You know.. when you expect nothing and still you’re kinda disappointed… it was on this day.




scores, click to enlarge

Match day two

On the second match day of the tournament, we managed to do some serious trouble. As a newcomer to the game and a pretty random team, we successfully pushed to the first place on the day 2-scoreboard.

After a double-chickendinner (y’all done goofed now), we fell a little behind, closed out as 9. team in the 3rd round and 5. in the 4rd. round.
With a score of 1230 pt’s. on this day, we climbed to the 6. place (1509 pt’s at the time of this post) on the spring season scoreboard.


Next match day will be on the 3. of June (03.06.2018 – 19:00), be sure to tune into the broadcast with casters whom we had the opportunity to teach our nicknames (win!).

Seeya on the battlefield!



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