New roster, page progress and more


Just in time for the RLCS S2, we managed to acquire some darn good players to compete under our Flag!

The team is formed around the team captain, and former OnFleek member “Jayless”. We like to give a big welcome to the team members Seventh Tentacle, Reepex, Intrauzes and Martin. All these players are well known in the Rocket League community. Several ESL titles, tournament wins and prize pools have been won by those players. All of these players collected experience in a top ten team and are well prepared for the highest level competition.

We are curious what the future will bring and looking forward to RLCS Season 2 and all the events our players will play.

For further information and results visit our Twitter and the Team’s page.


Page Progress

We are tweaking and building this website right at this moment. As this is the first time we ever managed to build a community/organization, we gotta learn a lot.
The hardware is hosted by ourselves in one of our creators basement. We appreciate every input so go ahead and let us know.

You can contact us via Twitter or mail:

We are also adding content as we find the time for it.

Spread the word

Our userbase is growing and YOU can help getting it to the top! We wanna conquer the world you know.

Also, if you are interested in sponsoring us, feel free.. no. Feel obligated to contact us! Just kidding.
Almost everything that helps improving our players experience is much appreciated 🙂


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