[RL] Roster Change | RLCS Open Qualifier 2

RLCS Open Qualifier 2

Our Rocket League team reached the Top64 in the european RLCS. Sadly they lost in the Losers Round 3.


OnFleek 0-3 Mockit Aces
OnFleek 3-1 Rainbow Kiss
OnFleek 1-3 Summit

Both Summit and Mockit Aces made it to the League Play (the 8 best EU teams) which shows how hard our opponents were. We wish every team good luck and some great games!

[RL] Roster Change

With that appearance in the Open Qualifier 2, we decided to adjust the roster. Both Seventh Tentacle and Intrauzes left the team to join a french team which they got an offer from.
Martin remains the sub of our team.

In the meantime, we found a new player for the team: Gerry Goorlap. Gerry is known as a Rocket League streamer and solid player. He’s the player we were looking for a while and hope that we can play on the highest possible level. Stay tuned!

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