-WANTED- Overwatch-Division!

Guys, were looking for some skilled (read: able to turn on a computer and start the game successfully) players for our Overwatch roster!
If you’re mentally able to play the game, WE WANT YOU!

credit: @OverwatchTXT

So, what’s the deal you may ask. Do i have to sell my soul?
Maybe, but not to us. Here’s what’s important:


  • You’ll play with our Community Tag [OFG] (not ingame but on websites and stuff)
  • You’ll get a separate, password secured TS3-Channel
  • If you win something in a Tourney, you can keep the whole thing
  • If we manage to get sponsors, you’ll get a fair share of stuff
  • You should be able to communicate in english or german
  • We do NOT cover any expenses for travel or the likes (not yet at least)
  • You do not HAVE to pay anything, tips are welcome tho 🙂
  • You do not HAVE to play official leagues
  • We help you where we can

Interested? Apply bellow:


Join us, we have lots of cookies.

May the Ultimate be with you!

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